Nutrigenese Shampoo

Code: #6106-M
Brand: Nutrigenese


250 ml / 1000 ml

The shampoo nourishes and restructures the hair fiber, while smoothing the cuticle, thanks to the CERAMIDIK complex. The scalp becomes supple again. The hair is regenerated, free of tangles and no longer suffers from dryness.


  • Nourishes, restructures, and provides a protective coating to the hair fiber.
  • Makes detangling easier.
  • Leaves hair soft and glossy.

Proven satisfaction*

Of the consumers who tested the product:

83,3 % My hair is nourished.
83,3 % My hair is less dry.
90 % My hair is soft.

* Usage test under dermatology control performed on 30 volunteers after use for 4 weeks of Nutrigenese shampoo, Nutrigenese mask and Nutrigenese serum.

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