Volum-Texturist Shampoo

Code: #6102
Brand: Volum-Texturist


250 ml

The shampoo is rich in SILKIUM compound, in order to consolidate and strengthen the entire length of each hair fiber. It brings strength, volume and extra support to fine hair. As a result, fine hair has more texture, and feels silkier.


  • Improves the surface properties of the cuticle by smoothing out scales thanks to its silk proteins.
  • SILKIUM complex forms a multi-function protective film around the hair.
  • Hair is soft and glossy.

Proven satisfaction*

Of the consumers who tested the product:

73 % Adds volume.
93 % Does not weigh hair down.

* Usage test under dermatology control performed on 30 volunteers after use for 4 weeks of Volum-Texturist shampoo.

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