Collection Nature by Cycle Vital

Collections Nature by Cycle Vital is a hair care and styling product range for all hair types inspired by the benefits of natural ingredients.

Our commitments :

Each product contains a botanical ingredient - the majority of which are organic and French, selected for its traceability and beauty benefits. The entire range of formulas is paraben free.

We give pride of place to products which are Made in France.

“Take botanical inspiration from the regions of France ... Blend it with the secrets of organic ingredients rigorously selected for their qualities. ... Add the expertise of a century-old brand ... and a touch of simplicity!”

Our products

To gently care for hair.

Intense Nutrition - To intensely nourish dry hair.

Colored hair protection - Paraben free

To bring radiance to white, blonde or lightened hair.

For curly, frizzy or kinky hair.

To enhance and bring out the beauty of all types of hair.

Rediscover the history of products with legendary ingredients for all hair types.

To instantly cleanse hair and boost volume.

To structure hairstyles

Hair exposed to the sun.

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