Blush Flashy mix

The new direct hair color

Create a new color combination for the individual personality of each client. The choice is infinite!

A simple, small range: 8 ultra-fashy shades that may be mixed together + 1 CLEAR formula to create your own pastels. MIX, CREATE, DILUTE according to your inspiration: invent a new creation for every style.

Quality in the service of your creativity

  • Ultra-shiny, ultra-intense results: the color clings to the hair shaft like a magnet, revealing all its nuances
  • With the "Fade on Tone*" technology, the colors may be harmoniously eliminated whithout undesirable undertones and without alteration of the shade.
  • Holds for 12 à 20 shampoos**.

*becoming progressively more pastel
**according to the chosen shade, its intensity and the pre-lightened base.

Easy, uncompromising action

  • A gel-cream texture: easy application, leaves no trace on the scalp.
  • Optimal care to protect the hair: ammonia-free, peroxide-free.
  • A delightful scent.
  • No developer required.
  • For an intense result; SOLORIS, the ideal pre-lightening tool to lighten the hair before coloring.

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