Blush Satine Gel

Limitless gloss color

To enhance radiance of hair between color services or to use when coloring curly, frizzy or relaxed hair. Direct GEL hair color is ready to use and features a fluid texture for easy application.


  • The Intuitive Colour System* provides radiant color that is perfectly even from roots to tips.
  • Its all-new gel texture** is ideal for curly, frizzy or relaxed hair.
  • Blush Gel is distributed easily and evenly all over the hair, thanks to its fluid texture. As it is gentle and will not weaken the hair, Blush Gel may be used right after a relaxing service.
  • 12 shades that can be mixed with one another.

* The Intuitive Color System, a subtle dose of direct colorants for luminous color that is perfectly even from roots to tips.
** All-new gel formula from EUGENE PERMA Professionnel.


  • Provides colour, shine and conditioning for hair, thanks to the Intuitive Color System*.
  • Coats the hair evenly.
  • Provides coverage for up to 50% gray hair.
  • Fades out gradually with each shampoo.


Apply directly to hair with the applicator bottle.

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