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4 Shades

Shades 2-4-6: for up to 50% gray hair
Gray shade: for all percentages of gray hair

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Carmen Ton sur Ton - Men

  • Youth-boosting
  • Ultra-natural, ultra-discreet, no shine
  • No undertones, brassy or otherwise
  • Ultra rapid: Just 5 minutes at the sink with an applicator bottle
  • Convenient in every way: no root regrowth, the color fades naturally
  • Ammonia-free gel
  • Technology specially formulated for men based on a matte surfactant (without the Refl ect Magnetiq System) for optimal translucent camoufl aging of gray hair


Preparation and application


MIX 1 plus 1


APPLIED directly at the sink to clean damp or dry hair using an applicator bottle.



Step 1
  • Pre-perm shampoo: to be used before the color treatment to effectively eliminate any impurities and residues from the hair.
 produit carmen
Step 2
  • Prepare the mixture in the applicator bootle, beginning with the specifi c 15 volume developer, then the desired shade of CARMEN TON SUR TON MEN’S Service.
  • Apply the product to the entire head of hair.
  • Leave in, then lather and rinse; do not wash hair.


Apply to roots and comb through if necessary.

Extra tips +

To guarantee a NATURAL RESULT :

  • Finish the application on the areas with the highest percentage of gray hair.
  • Comb through.

Before applying the darker shades :

  • Apply EQUIVITAL protective cream along the hairline.

For very brittle hair or in case of a greater need for neutralization :

  • 9 volume developer may be used.

For complementary shades :

  • Shade 3 : combine 1/3 of 2 with 2/3 of 4
  • Shade 5 : combine 1/3 of 4 with 2/3 of 6
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The professional hair care range
specially formulated for men's hair
and facial hair

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