Sensitive scalp

Stress, along with the use of unsuitable or overly aggressive hair treatments can lead to changes in the hair’s hydrolipid film. Furthermore, poor hydration of the scalp’s stratum corneum can lead to tightness, irritation and flaking. Over time, this can lead to other disorders such as hair loss.


Primary agent: PRO-VITAQUA complex is a system that restores hydration to the scalp and reduces discomfort. It provides a long lasting feeling of well-being to the scalp.


  • HYDRA-SENSATION hair care products are formulated with Pro-vitaqua complex. They aim to restore moisture balance to the scalp and to relieve any discomfort.
  • Thanks to its moisture-retaining, softening and balancing properties, the PRO-VITAQUA complex reconstructs the hydrolipid film, creating an instant sensation of relaxation.

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