Our promise

The Essentiel experts at EUGENE PERMA Professionnel have pinpointed the various causes of capillary imbalance, and have developped customized, professional quality hair care to answer each specific requirement. With EUGENE PERMA Professionnel’s Essentiel line, the research is dedicated to restoring health and vitality to your hair. Our aspiration: high-precision hair treatments containing active ingredients never used before.

Product Benefits

Each component is considered as an essence to produce a treatment that penetrates the core of the hair fiber or the scalp before releasing its active ingredient. This provides deep-acting treatment to the capillary imbalance and brings a sense of wellbeing to the user. All our products are dermatologically tested.

Our products

Sensitive scalp

Brittle hair

All hair types

Men's care products.

Volume and Repair

Frizz and Curls

Nutrition and softness

Color and radiance protection

Anti-Yellowing and illuminating

Dry Shampoo

Keratin Sensitive (Sensitive scalp)

Keratin Balance (oily roots and brittle lenghts)

Hair exposed to the sun

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