Keratin Pulp

KERATIN PULP introcuces a new washing method: The Reverse Shampoo. How it works ? Inversing the order of product application. Begin with the conditioner, then proceed with the shampoo. The benefits ? Conditioning the hair while eliminating excess conditioner to keep hair lightweight!


Complex Keraction and Maca roots

  • The keraction complex: Essential nutrients and keratin proteins that prevent hair breakage and protect it against heat damage from hair dryers and straighteners.
  • Maca roots: Beauty secret or the Incas, the roots of this plant have thickening properties.


Repair and brings volume
Provides light and less electric hair


Proven consumer satisfaction

For 91% of users survayed, hair is repaired and light

For 88%, this new gesture makes it possible to treat fine hair without weighing it down


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