Brittle hair

KERATIN provides hair with the new-generation ingenuity of ESSENTIEL Haircare for a long-lasting transformation*. Exclusive KERACTION technology repairs and reinforces damaged hair, helping it develop an incredible resistance that makes it much less brittle.

* With the use of the shampoo and mask routine.


The KERACTION Complex is a combination of essential nutrients and keratin** proteins that strengthen the hair, preventing breakage and leaving hair lengths soft and shiny. This complex features new extended diffusion technology with a film that releases active ingredients gradually over time.

**Plant-derived keratin analogue.


  • Reconstructs the keratin proteins found naturally in the hair. Essential nutrients and keratin proteins penetrate the hair fiber to the core and strengthen its intercellular cement. The KERACTION complex thus considerably improves the hair’s elasticity and prevents breakage.
  • Restores shine and leaves hair soft thanks to keratin proteins.
  • Protects the hair for several days from damage caused by blow-drying, flat ironing and environmental factors.

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